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26th March 2023

Ramkumar Live - 1 Hour of Jokes

One hour of Jokes and crowd work - Vanga

4 Pm – 5.30 Pm

Burgerman, OMR

9th April 2023

Katha Solla Porom Comedy ah with chocku – A Funny Storytelling Show In தமிழ்

A Story Battle between me and chocku - hear 6 raw funny life stories on the flow - Show hosted by selva.

7 Pm – 8.15 Pm

Idam, Kodambakkam

15th April 2023

Ramkumar & friends – A standup lineup show with all the promising comics from chennai

Come and watch some amazing sets from the super funny upcoming comics - Recording for youtube.

7 Pm – 8.15 Pm

Offbeat, Alwarpet
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